Company Summary

YUHUAN FANGJIE XIEMAO FIRM is a leading promotional merchandise supplier based in China.

We manufactured promotional products for more than 10 years, especially for customzied plastic, woooden and metal items.

  • We listened to our customers needs by creating "Recognition" products, a direct result of their requests for products to honor individuals and teams who help them do their work.

  • We design products for a specific cause. By combining products with educational or promotional programs, Positive gives customers everything they need to promote their message in the community.

  • We create products specifically for kids, including hundreds of children's activities books, bookmarks, stickers, and other educational tools that kids of all ages and grade levels think are "cool."

Today, the goal of YUHUAN FANGJIE XIEMAO FIRM  is helping customers put together great campaigns and promotional events. 

We're constantly improving old programs and creating new ones, with a team of dedicated experts and support staff. 

As our history continues to develop more distinctive products that create awareness, educate, promote, and inspire.